Maximize Entitled Data Usage
while Minimizing Data Cost

Benzaiten™ is a cloud-native service that combines AI, ML, and a detailed ontology to achieve sustainable data sourcing efficiency, data cost and usage optimization, and entitlement identity and access management.


  • Manage the data needs of various parts of your organization
  • Capture structured and consistent documentation of data requirements
  • Trace and track data requirements against chosen data products for full transparency on data requirements fulfillment
  • Mix and match data sources to identify best fit and satisfy data requirements at optimal cost


  • Prevent duplicate subscriptions to the same or similar products
  • Track all data vendors, their respective products, and the corresponding domains and subdomains for each product
  • Reduce data cost by aligning actual data usage with purchased data
  • Maximize usage of purchased data by understanding the domains, subdomains, and logical elements of each product


  • Govern and control data entitlements
  • Ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of your contracts, proactively prevent contractual violations
  • Reduce administrative overhead with entitlement identity and access management capabilities
  • Capture and track data usage for every product to ensure compliance with the vendor contractual requirements


  • Large, curated, and constantly enriched data library providing full views of traditional and alternative data sources
  • Built-in semantic model provides a clear view on purpose and meaning of data enabling clear-cut alignment of data requirements to data being provided
  • Regularly review possible new data sources to identify opportunities for improvement and cost reduction


  • An ontology and taxonomy with strong semantic definitions enable the precise definition of each vendor’s data coverage, clearly define user requirements, track procurement contracts, manage entitlements, and understand data usage

harness community insights
to make better decisions

Pellustro® is a cloud-based assessment and benchmarking platform optimized to assess risk, maturity, and compliance. It provides a simple assessment experience while supporting different levels of required formality and complexity of models and classifications.


  • Maturity: 
    Assess any subject from the perspective of its capability level, process maturity, or the sentiment of end consumers for a full picture of the current state
  • Compliance: 
    Formally assess compliance with internal and external policies and regulations with supporting evidence and commentary
  • Operational Risk:
     Conduct Risk Control Self Assessments (RCSA) at scale and continually maintained


  • Assessment Management:
     Pellustro® supports assessment lifecycle management from end to end
  • Delegation:
     Federate and delegate assessment management across organizational units
  • Collaboration:
     Work on the assessment as a team or delegate questions to colleagues; Capture comments and evidences that support participant’s assessment scores
  • Benchmarking:
     Enable continual improvement programs by comparing results over time and benchmarking against industry peer groups
  • Analytics:
     Breakdown results by business groups, organizational units, regions, roles and other stakeholder classifications to reveal focused insights; Explore the data through a rich set of interactive visualizations tailored for risk, maturity, and compliance assessments


  • Pellustro® is the first tool to support the EDM Council’s DCAM™ model and it is the most used DCAM™ assessment tool capable of managing assessments of any size ranging from only a few participants to very complex ones with over a thousand participants
  • All firms using the platform have access to the current version of the DCAM™ model and the EDM Council's Data Management Industry Benchmark report

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